Dolly Devi

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Dolly’s soft style highlighted by technical elements of design, make her imagery communicative. Her attention to emotion, merges with her unique color appreciation creating beautiful, strong and composed photographs.
Her subtle style of shooting has captured the eye of luxury houses like Dior, Gucci, Coachtopia, Rahul Mishra. Her vivid play with light lends to her work with brands like Nike, Art Basel, Chandon, Vogue, & Elle. She has photographed for Verve, Grazia, Platform magazines and many leading creative / fashion brands. She wishes to integrate her experiments in film and mix media with her future projects, including her work with video and moving images.
Dolly was a fashion design student, with many years of experience with garments and  graphics followed by commercial photography and interdisciplinary media. She was part of a collaborative group art exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, London in 2018 & awarded Vogue India Forces of Fashion in 2023.
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