Farhan Hussain

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Farhan’s love for travel and finding vivid colour stories celebrating India within different locations gives his work a vibrancy that is now his signature. His journalistic style of photography has found him steady work at prominent magazines like GQ, Vogue, Bazaar, among others. He has also worked with leading commercial brands likeĀ  Axis Bank, AirBnB, Lovebirds, Gucci, Pero, Satya Paul, Sabyasachi, Zazi, Divyam Mehta, etc.


He was nominated for photographer of the year in the EyeEm Photography Awards 2015 & his personal work has been featured at exhibitions in New York, London, Milan, Columbo and Bristol. He hopes to more frequently shoot at new and interesting locations that both satiate his love for travel and telling new stories.

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