Tenzin Tsundue Phungkhang

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Born in Delhi, Tsundue started off his journey making experimental videos while completing his Fine Arts degree at College of Art, Delhi. A huge cinema buff, classics like Carrie and Sound of Music, and campy films of the 60’s greatly fascinated him growing up, and have gone on to influence various elements of his style. He has worked as a videographer and video editor in the Conde Nast India video team, making films for Vogue and other titles.


Tsundue’s flair for the nostalgic has found him clients like Satya Paul, Pero, Lovebirds, Tata Cliq, Lecoanet Hemant, Rahul Mishra, Eka, Bloni Atelier, Sunira Designs, among others. He is also eager to start building a body of work in the space of short films, more specifically in genres like horror that have always been a personal childhood favourite.

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